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The rains in Zambia tend to start falling in November or December, and almost as soon as they do the green shoots of the wet season growth appear and turn the dry and dusty bush into a verdant carpet of vegetation. The rains will continue to fall through January and February, often causing flooding in the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa as the swollen rivers burst their banks. This would seem to be an odd choice of time to visit Zambia, but for those in the know it can be a magical season that reveals a very different picture of the Zambian countryside.

As the rivers are so high, all of the temporary lodges and bush camps are broken down well in advance of the rains, leaving just the few hardy permanent lodges open to visitors. In South Luangwa these tend to be in the Game Management Area just outside the entrance to the Park itself, although safari-goers will get to explore the Park, this may typically be by boat as there are very few all-weather roads within the Park. [cont.]

With all the trees and shrubs blooming with fresh growth, the bush does indeed take on a distinctly green colour - a world away from the browns and yellows of the late dry season.

Some refer to it not as the Green Season but the Emerald Season, which poetically captures the depth of colours you will see. Wildlife does tend to be harder to spot as they have plenty of places to hide and no shortage of water, and so can move where they want, but the reflections from the water and clear air make for great photography, and this is the time of year that many young will emerge and the wild dog packs migrate through the South Luangwa.

An added bonus is that lodges will offer green-season rates which represent a good saving on visiting in peak time, and many will offer great long-stay deals, which are popular so make sure you book early. For those that have already been on safari a green season safari in Zambia would make for a different and exciting option.

The rains tend to end in March and by the end of May the rivers will be back to their normal levels. This period is also a good time to visit Zambia as there are fewer visitors, good weather, beautiful scenery and "shoulder season" rates to take advantage of. The bush camps for walking safaris don't tend to re-open until late May/ beginning of June, although some limited walking may still be available before then. Finally, this is an ideal time to pay a visit to Victoria Falls, since the water flow is at its majestic best now

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