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By his very nature, the fly fisherman is an adventurer. And where better to experience adventure than in the magical continent of Africa, with its opportunities for game viewing and cultural experiences, natural wonders such as Victoria Falls (Niagara: eat your heart out!) - and some of the most exciting fly fishing in the world.

Various species of fish may be sought in the exciting waters of the mighty Zambezi River, but paramount among these is the world-renowned Tiger Fish. These can grow to 33 lb (15 Kg) in weight, and are related to the infamous piranha. You might also like to seek out the 100 lb Vundu - the largest fish found in the Zambezi.

Tiger fishing remains the key experience, however, and once you've successfully fished for this supreme aggressor you may well not be satisfied with any other prey.

Expect to land catches of at least 10 lbs in weight, but also be prepared to lose a prodigious number of [cont.]

flies, as this ferocious killer will pile into these in a manner that will leave you dazed. However rest assured that any tiger fish exceeding even only 3 pounds in weight will guarantee your undivided attention.

We can arrange specialist tours for keen fly-fishermen involving stays at the best fishing spots Zambia has to offer, but fishing is not just an activity for experienced fishermen. Most river-based lodges have the necessary gear for anyone to try their hand at this exciting pastime - a nice addition to the wide variety of activities available in Zambia. Some lodges offer private boat hire so you can travel by river to the best spots, but in areas like the Lower Zambezi the fish are so abundant, particularly later in the summer, that great fishing can be had in and around the lodges themselves.

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